How To Create A Viral Blog Post – Viral Marketing Tips

Viral Blogging – Viral Marketing Tips


How to go ‘Viral’


First of all I am sure you have heard of the term Viral Blogging or the expression known as “Going Viral”. For those who do not know to “Go Viral” is when something is spread around the web and internet quickly accumulating a lot of hits, clicks and likes from internet users. This is where the term Viral comes from as it spreads quickly like a Viral Infection. Do you want to know how to make something go viral and do some viral marketing?


Viral Blogging -  Creating A Viral Blog Post


When thinking about blogging and being able to create a Viral Blog post, there are a few things you should consider and have in mind whilst creating your Viral Post. This will take some thought and planning. Not everything will go Viral and sometimes it is by luck that things happen to go Viral and get spread about the World Web. It is quite fascinating what does go Viral sometimes, I am sure you have seen some Youtube videos that happened to go viral and make there way around the internet quickly gathering a lot of attention and interest from people everywhere.


Why would you want to go Viral?


There are many reasons you may want your blog, video or something you are sharing online to go viral, especially for bloggers and anyone trying to market online. You can do some research by searching Google and finding information about composing a Viral Blog Post. You may be able to come up with your own ideas and strategies for structuring and composing a great Viral Post, it is all about experimenting and seeing what gets attention from others. I have seen many things online that have gone Viral , including pictures of animals, videos that have been strange, funny or interesting and even blog posts that have been written including interesting content.


How, Why And Where?


Not everyone needs or wants to go viral and sometimes you do not choose the outcome as things could just explode!! I had a conversation with someone last week about this cat pic I posted on google, It was only a Gif Image of multi-colored cat that had a flickering effect. This cat image seemed to explode and get massive traction as people liked, commented shared to there friends, acquaintances and so on. So it can be very powerful , the next day I was still getting comments. It got 180 or more shares which is massive amount of shares compared to the average. When you think about it , If I was marketing a product a long with that post who knows what kind of sales could of been made. My point is just to say that going viral can be extremely powerful for marketers and bloggers trying to quickly get attention and make sales, create leads etc. Just one of many Viral Marketing Techniques and strategies that can be utilised and experimented with.


“Make It Happen”


Its unpredictable but you should aim to make every blog, blog post and social media share with the viral effect in mind if you are trying to gain a lot of interest. Be clear with your message that you want to get across. Use a clear and bold image along with your viral post as people love to see images. For some reason the instant connection with an image is what grabs peoples attention, so make sure you have an excellent picture to add to your post to grab instant eyes and attention. Its down to you how you structure the post but you could take a look around and see how others are finding success with there techniques and viral marketing efforts. You could literally go Viral on your blog or any social media sites , networks such as Twitter, Google +, Facebook and more. take a look at them posts that get a mass amount of likes and shares and compare with your own what you could change or add to get you some more traction. I wish you much success with Viral Blogging. I would love to hear any of your success stories using any of these techniques or if I have inspired you in some way on a Viral Post. Good Luck